Skin Care Routine for Men

Face to face interviews, to seal a new business deal, meeting someone on your date or maybe just a killer look? Presenting yourself in the most effective way will go a long way.

It is said that, to be amazing and confident under your skin is appreciated and creates an amazing long lasting impression.

The first and the most important part during such interactions brings in your personal care, especially your skin. Good skincare hygiene and maintenance counts as the utmost factor while boosting your appearance as well as self confidence.

One search and you will got loads of information or so called advice that either makes your head scratch or not approachable, which in a way makes us end up with simple tried and tested ‘soap + water’.

When it comes to personal interactions, there is no better investment than in your skin. Once you get the hang of a healthy and effective skincare routine, the maintenance on a daily basis gets easier.

However, some men consider caring for their skin as a shallow exercise and definitely it isn‘t unmanly. Even though they are tough - it doesn’t mean your skin should feel or look like one lives outdoors.

Remember, skin is the largest organ of your body.

Also, on a greater level, it is assumed that skin care is a minimalist idea for men, which on simpler term means, a shower with alongside a bar of soap and boom you‘re done. All these ideas, assumptions do not work always. In-fact you could be damaging your complexion, skin health, boosting acne and not taking counter measures to prevent such havoc.

Another aspect which impacts a good skin is that it not only takes the outside care with all the various products, but also what one consumes, the quality of sleep, the way you handle stress makes their skin glow or dull.

If you follow a particular skincare routine, you will definitely get results. Although it takes discipline of sticking to a routine that works best for you, it will keep your skin clear and glowing in the longer run.

So far let’s face the truth:

1. Guys really don’t know much about skin care

2. Men’s skin care products are complicated and confusing

3. This stuff is expensive

All men have different skin types, textures, anxieties and goals. So, if a person is not even sure how effective the products and routine will be, it doesn‘t makes sense for guy to sample various products. It will literally take forever.

Before we dive in further, here are few things you should know by now:

  • Use of skin care products that are designed to work together to minimise unwanted skin reactions

  • Being consistent with a daily skin care routine is key to achieving end results

  • Skin care for men requires a crawl-walk-run approach to be most effective

So why are these three words repeating, Skin Care Routine?

A skin care routine refers to the skin care products you use on a daily basis to maintain skin health and appearance. This routine can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

The best way is by starting small and working your way up.

Lets further understand various aspects before following the care and routine.

Skin varies from person to person. Different factors can make skin drier, more oily or prone to acne. According to experts, there are five skin types:

  1. Normal skin, which is generally clear of blemishes and oil, is not sensitive to products containing dyes or other fragrances

  2. Oily skin, which appears greasy or shiny

  3. Dry skin, which is rough, itchy or flakes off

  4. Combination skin where some areas are dry while others are oily

  5. Sensitive skin which may react to certain products and cause burning, itching or stinging sensations

Identifying skin type, with respect to appearance, feel, and sensitivity will make it easier to further follow certain routine which suits best for them.

You can also understand your skin type with these methods:

Bare-Face method

- Wash your face and leave it for 30 minutes without applying any product.

- Check if your face shows any shine or glow

- Wait for another 30 minutes and recheck if your skin feels dry

- If you feel shine on your entire face, then you have oily skin

- If the shine is only on your forehead and nose, it means your skin type is combination skin

- In case your face feels completely dry, obviously, you own dry skin.

The Blotting-Paper Method

- Hold a blotting paper on different parts of your face

- The amount of oil it is absorbing determines your skin type

- If your blotting paper absorbs major amount of oil from your nose and forehead, it indicates combination skin.

- If it absorbs oil from your overall face, then you can be sure of having oily skin

- It is has hardly absorbed any oil, you have dry skin

Gentlemen let‘s find you an Ideal Skincare Routine..

Morning routine, yes you wake up with the mood of having coffee first but hold it right there.

  • The first step of morning skincare routine is always cleansing your face. Use a good face wash or cleanser to wash away all the dirt, dust and impurities from your skin.

  • Scrubbing is an essential part of your skincare and it should be done at least twice a week. Use a men’s face scrub to exfoliate and remove all the dead skin cells. Scrubbing is generally advised to be done before shaving.

  • While shaving use a suitable shaving cream for a smooth skin surface. In case, you are growing your beard, apply a beard oil for softer hair growth. It saves your skin from constant friction and tangling.

  • Always use an aftershave to avoid any kind of irritation and redness

  • Never forget to use a sunscreen whenever you go out. It is the most essential step in your skincare routine.

Night routine, I can understand you had amazing party or super tired to just crash right into the bed, but to give yourself some more love and time by following these steps

  • When you are done for the day, start with cleansing your face before crashing to bed. It removes the day’s dirt and grime off your skin, giving you a fresh and soothing relief.

  • Opt for a moisturising lotion every time you wash your face. Apply it right after you finish cleansing face and avoid any other product till your skin absorbs it completely. Regularly doing so as a habit will hydrate your skin efficiently

  • 30 minutes before going to bed, use a night cream or a serum to cure all damages your skin has faced throughout the day.

  • Use an eye gel or cream to address the under-eye dark circles and puffiness. Overnight treatment helps your skin heal.

  • Your lips are mostly neglected. Induce a lip balm in your night routine to provide them with an overnight relief. Or you can use it whenever needed.

We can further break down into different levels as per your expertise into skin care routine

  • For a beginner:

Facial cleanser

A simple yet effective method is the usage of cleanser. These facial cleanser contain certain acid called salicylic acid, which gently controls oil that might have been stripped away some good oils with lack of attention by you.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is the game changer and a defensive tool that can fix a whole lot of problems.

Dark circles? It can help get rid of them.

Puffy bags from that rager last night? Eye cream will certainly send them packing.

Wrinkles and fine lines engulfing? It can keep you looking fresh.


We all know men keep this as the last item in the list or in the dark corner of their shelf, reason being they don’t like how it feels on their faces. We get it.

Nowadays, there are more lightweight formulas coming out with days passing. So wearing one will, at the very least, will keep your skin from feeling dry, and at the most help it maintain moisture that will keep it looking good for years to come. Lotion or Gel is what you should be looking for instead of any other ‘cream’ on the label if you are a beginner.


Going outside every day? Please use sunscreen daily. Seriously. We don‘t want to face terminal illness like cancer, so just a small step to keep away from such terrible outcome.

Also, want to look young at your 50s or 60s? Use this for best anti-aging effects.

  • For an Intermediate:


This is under intermediate for a reason. Men exfoliate everytime they shave. Which means, some of us exfoliate every single day without realising it.

Regular exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead skin cells that stick around, which additionally clogs pores and keeps products from working their best, resulting in dull looking skin.

While exfoliating on purpose, dont use scrub, instead look for an exfoliator containing alpha hydroxy acid, to bat away dead cells more gently.


Consider this particular one as a booster or an upgrade from moisturisers that you used back then. They are meant to impart active ingredients and nutrients more quickly and effectively.

Want to hear something more positive? Here you go, no matter what your skin concern, there is serum for that. Only hard part is it is really tough to know what you need.


Nope, not the mask which you are thinking.

There hundreds of different kinds of masks. What’s in store for you is that, they supply more concentrated ingredients and target specific concerns, just like serum but a premium version to it.

Usage of clay mask is the most ideal way and best of their kind to keep skin hygiene up. They contain ingredients like clay and mud for deep cleansing, deeper than the basic beginner routine of cleansing.

  • For an Advanced

Welcome to the big leagues!

Vitamin A

Retinols are a form of Vitamin A that helps cell turnover and attacks signs of aging. Mainly growing new skin cells and getting rid of old ones.

Since we are in the advanced stage, be more careful as these are harsh on sensitive skin. Pack this up with sunscreen daily, as your skin will be more sensitive to light. Gentle version of this is fair enough.


To keep you skin clear and shine free, toner can be an invaluable step, especially for those who struggle with oily skin or acne.

Night Cream

As many of you know, during sleep our body from the inside-out, heals and rebuilds. It may sound too much but it is an effective way to boost your skin care routine. In general, the are very hydrating and contain specific active ingredients in order to help this regenerating process.

Other essential tips towards good skin hygiene

Drink 3-4 litres of water daily

According to experts, daily consumption of 3-4 litres of water is needed to keep an adult man fully hydrated.

Being dehydrated makes your skin dry, tight and flaky. For vibrant, wrinkle less, and a healthy glow drink the required amount of water on a daily basis. Again here comes the part where you need to discipline your body and mind, and just in few weeks it will give a significant boost.

Ice cold water wakes you up, fires up your metabolism and hydrates you quickly. Now, don’t consume all the water at one go. Have it through the day so that your body absorbs each glass. Additionally, if you drink fat-free or low fat milk, or basically drinks without added sugars, it can be considered as part of your water intake.

As mentioned, without added sugars one more thing all the coffee lovers may want to know. Caffeine dehydrates the skin and hence, encourages fine lines and wrinkles.


Yes, you heard it right. Not just products but exercise counts in as skincare routine as well. Superficial improvements are good, but if you allow yourself and are willing to follow this great habit, you will be hitting that presentation with a bullseye.

Try to exercise at-least 2 and half hours a week.

Exercise can also help in reducing everyday stress or tension in your body and somehow reduce strain on your skin.

When you workout, your heart rate increases along with blood flow. Some of you who do so, must have experienced a different level of confidence and more awakened or even more youthful throughout the day.

Also do keep in mind, to cleanse your skin after workout so that dirt and sweat don‘t lead to bacterial buildup. Apply moisturiser to rejuvenate skin.

Food Consumption

Here you might have to rethink your eating habits. Over-relying on fast food and other convenience meals can be bad for overall health - and especially for your skin.

Highly processed foods such as microwavable meals contain high levels of additives that our body acknowledges as toxins.

Faced acne problems or heard of it?

Since your liver processes and takes care of most of the toxins it won’t be the best feat if it’s overloaded with it. It signals the body and starts secreting them through skin to get rid of them as fast as possible, this can result in acne.

The foods containing healthy fats like almonds, mackerel, avocado, coconut, along-with vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamins and minerals are best foods for healthy skin.

Make it a thumb rule that you avoid processed foods and cook your meals yourself.

Sleeping at-least 7 hours every night!

Your gym instructor must have asked you for the same. Let’s back up with another reason - skin health

Sleep is when the body rests and regenerates. While you sleep your hormone levels peak and cells including your skin actually begin to heal themselves.

Even if your skin care routine is amazing, the effect of less sleep on your skin is basic, usually you can find the effect around your eyes.

Drinking and Smoking are enemies for your body and skin

Another cause for acne is a little-known fact that alcohol messes with your hormone levels – which can cause imbalances, and speed up the signs of aging. It also badly dehydrates your skin.

Fact: Your skin visibly takes longer to rebound when pinched if you're hungover.

After a couple of shots if you have ever noticed, your cheeks flush. That's because alcohol enlarges your blood vessels. And while all may seem rosy and you may be careless with that, keep in mind: hardcore drinking and overuse of alcohol use can eventually lead to spider veins.

The impure smoke from the cigarettes rests on your skin or even into the pores. The toxic smoke inside your body also weakens the overall skin quality.

Usage of Sunscreen everyday

As we all know about the global warming effect and the harmful UV rays affecting all the living things around us including humans. Application of sunscreen is the most important part of skin care routine.

Moreover it acts as an effective anti-aging product inside your shelf. For the best protection from UV rays which cause sun damage, you need broad spectrum sunscreen, which protects from both UVB and the more harmful UVA rays.

Even though it should be applied every morning as part of your skin care routine, do not forget to reapply every hour you’re exposed to the sun, specifically if you indulge into sweat breaking activities or swimming.

People who use sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher daily, have resulted 24 percent less skin aging. So next time you move out under the sun, you know what should be in your backpack.

Reduce Stress

Stress can take a toll on your skin. Facial tension and tiredness play important role in features that make your face appear aged, like frown lines and under-eye bags – all of which can become permanent if they appear frequently enough. Some wrinkles appear distinguished, but you don't want to look permanently grumpy in your old age.

Acne due to stress is just a myth, sensitive skin may be even touchier when the effects of stress are ravaging the body.

Make sure you give time to yourself each week, and practice using stress management techniques – such as mindful thinking, deep breathing, meditation and walking away from conflict or that street side brawl so you can cool down.

Another simple hack, don't be stuck in the first emotion that comes up when something goes wrong.

If you constantly struggle to manage stress, without any hesitation consider reaching out to a trusted friend or a mental health professional for support.

Finally, the key to feeling sharp and confident in your skin every day is consistency. Follow this skincare regimen and results of great skin and better hygiene will be achieved in no time.


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