MENOPAUSE - A New Phase of Life

Menopause is termed as permanent cessation of menstrual periods for one year. As menstrual cycle marks the beginning of new era in a girl’s life same way Menopause is a new phase in women’s life.


During each part of menstrual cycle levels of oestrogen, hormone rise and egg growth is stimulated causing ovulation. Released egg when fertilized forms an embryo which brings new life in existence.

As Woman ages, Ovulation decreases and then menstruation stops marking menopause. The average age for menopause is between 45- 55 years; however it varies in each woman. There are hormonal changes during menopause which causes many psychological, physical and vasomotor changes. Several studies have proved that due to menopausal symptoms quality of life is affected in females. Quality of life is general well being of an individual and societies outlining negative and positive features of life.

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Symptoms of Menopause

#1 Physical symptoms

  1. Irregular Periods

  2. Hot Flushes

  3. Night sweats

  4. Heart Palpitations

  5. Decreased Libido( sex drive)

#2 Psychological Symptoms

  1. Mood swings

  2. Irritability

  3. Increased Anxiety

  4. Insomnia

  5. Forgetfulness

These symptoms may start two years before actual menopause happens and continue few years later too. Nearly 50-80% females complain of menopausal symptoms affecting their day to day life.

How to deal with Menopause ?

  • Firstly its a normal and natural phenomenon, so believe in it and accept it.

  • If symptoms causing distress , consult a doctor preferably Gynaecologist.

  • Medicines controlling hormone level commonly called as Hormone Replacement Therapy( HRT) could be advised by the doctor. Avoid self medications.

  • Regular exercises in the form of Yoga and Pranayam can be beneficial. Aerobic exercises as per capacity of individual can be done preferably under guidance of a trained professional like Physiotherapist.

  • Healthy diet and Meditation is beneficial in relaxing and being healthy.

  • Very Important is Family support and care. This is a very difficult phase in woman’s life on physical as well as psychological aspect. So to face it, its very essential to have a good partner or a friend or a closed one to understand and support.


So, All the Wonderful ladies, Enjoy this new phase, new beginning in your life. Live to the fullest, Give love to the fullest and also seek Love and care from dear ones.

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