How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress

I thought I was broken and needed fixing. But that’s not true! I was hurting and needed healing. I was not mentally sick but I was trying to be strong. Confused? What am I talking about? I am talking about the irony which has interpreted on hearsay and rumor rather than a proper research i.e. Stress and Anxiety!

Stress and anxiety are being contemplated as mental disease but it’s not. They are not always bad as they sound and can help us overcome a challenge or vicious situation like worrying about job, feeling nervous before exams.

In such circumstances if you did not encounter anxiety you may not be motivated to do things that are to be done nevertheless (for instance preparing for that big test)? When people make fun of the situation and try to demotivate by asking “Huh! Why are you stressed or anxious for a simple test? You are such sensitive person." That simple ignorance towards your feeling could cause to elevate the stress level on your already heightened stress levels.

So what happens next? In this situation an individual’s subconscious mind has an indispensable role either to motivate to face the situation or run away from the situation.

However have you ever wondered what subconscious mind is? It is a control center for everything, which accumulates our self talks, previous experiences, memories, beliefs and skills. Stress and anxiety issues are directly related to our functioning of our subconscious mind.

If you treat subconscious mind just right and carefully give it the right directions, it will do the right thing it will work for you in the right way. But if we are giving negative thoughts then it will act in negative direction; it will continue to respond to the negative programming which will further lead to stress and extreme anxiety.

In simple words the functioning of subconscious mind depends on programming of our minds. On the flip side, stress and anxiety issues are directly related to functioning of minds.

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Let’s move on to best ways of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Positive self-talk is important. We need to program our mind to change from negative thoughts to positive emotions, and this should be done consistently. "Rome was not build in a day" and the same stand true for positive thoughts that will not replace negative thoughts in a go.

Some think by attending live webinars on self-motivation or reading motivational books will help us achieve positive mindset instantly. As motivational speaker goes back home he takes away those positive thoughts with him.

Have you ever thought? Why such motivational session wont lasts long? It’s because we don’t want to work on ourselves from within.

So first crucial step is to feed your mind with good thoughts! Motivate your self! tell yourself "I am consistent in my studies!" "I have strong will power!" "I am powerful speaker and I rarely fumble!" "I am best in everything I do!" "I am not stressed and anxious anymore".

Ensure those negative self-talks are completely replaced with positive self motivations.

Power of positivity will slowly rephrase old negative thoughts and attract negativity. Isn’t it amazing?

Small routine change can have effect on our minds? Yes it will! If your day starts by giving up then the rest of the day would just follow the pattern. Eventually it will manifest stress and anxiety emotions. Hence, constant self-talk is must to get rid of stress and anxiety.

The tactic that may help to get rid of stress and anxiety is meditation. Don’t stop your thoughts” rather go in flow, take deep breathes and remind yourself that “I am meditating”.

Eventually meditation will produce deep state of relaxation and helps us to eliminate unwanted thoughts causing stress and anxiety.

A regular exercise is a key to keep our mind under control as it produces endorphins that acts as a painkiller to improve our ability to sleep which in turn reduces stress.

As we exercise we get sense of relief of being healthy and keeps our mood on for whole day.

So start an exercise routine everyday for at least 15min and gradually increase the time!

There are negative and positive emotions on either side of your brain, you control what part wins! The thoughts hit our minds because we have tuned negative programming to our subconscious mind.

In such a situation we need to change our programming immediately and replace our old programming. A me consistent workout will help reduce stress and anxiety issues.

Avoid using mobile phone for first 2 hours of your day, after you wake up every morning try and do something constructive or refreshing .

So first two hours of our day sets the mood for the rest.

Stop procrastination i.e. putting off today’s work tomorrow. A simple act however not doing it will surely have negative outcome on mind.

For instance If someone has a meeting in coming weeks and he is postponing his presentation ahead every time he thinks about completing it and when the day has transpired he negatively programs his mind about the outcome that is yet to occur.

These negative thoughts would make him stressed and anxious . In simple words don’t create own storms and then get mad when it rains.

Chant any ritual mantra as it brings out all the positive energy within us.

Imagine if someone abuses you verbally? How do we feel? We get angry and create negative vibrations in our minds but on the flip side in same situation if we calm down and chant mantra it creates armor around us. Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” post completion of meditation.

This habit will help you create positive atmosphere wherever you go, as you will have a strong shield around you and you always get compliments from people that they get positive vibes from you. This positive vibes in oneself will help you stop your inner and outer chatters eventually helps you reduce stress and anxiety.

Mental detox also helps us reduce our stress and anxiety and de clutter and detox our minds.

Follow two types of detox. Basic detox – stay away from social media and all electronic gadgets for 24 hours.

Avoid tasty and spicy foods and choose light food.

If you do well with the basic , Go for advanced detox. In this detox you follow silence , stay away from social media and all electronic gadgets for 24 hours and also meditate.

Confused? How will it reduce our stress and anxiety? Both the mental detox reduces are instant gratification and eventually reduces our stress and anxiety. Instant gratification means getting satisfaction immediately.

So our minds expect results to be quick and spontaneous in everything. And if we don’t get results we get stressed and sometimes suffer anxiety attack of not getting complete satisfaction.

Learn to be in present moment. It is the most important thing to deal with stress and anxiety. Suppose you are in the family function then be in that moment and enjoy don’t think about tomorrows works schedule.

Difficult, but not impossible. So whenever you are stressed or anxious of future or past then immediately pinch yourself and remind to be in the present, Many of successful leaders and public speaking personalities would highly agree on this concept of being present.

In a nutshell our purpose should be bigger than our pain and our ambition must be stronger than our adversity. Being stressed or anxiety is not disability as its just mind games. The day we can control our mind our issues related to stress and anxiety eventually get reduced and will unleash our potential completely

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