10 Tips to Boost your Immunity

boost you immunity

Take care of your body ,Its only place you have to live (Jim Rohn)

First question that comes to mind when we think of being immune is what exactly is immunity. In simple terms immunity means resistance to something. From health point of view immunity is resistance of human body to infection or vaccine antigens, its derived from antibodies which are present or generated by our own body. When you are immune to something it wont affect you.

Immune system protects our body from various diseases and infections, it develops resistance to foreign substance, tissues and cells. Thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, special deposits of lymphoid tissue (such as those in the gastrointestinal tract and bone marrow), macrophages, lymphocytes including the B cells and T cells, and antibodies are various parts of immune system.

Types of immunity

Active immunity

When immunity is developed from antibodies present in our own body its termed as active immunity. It provides resistance to normal infection or vaccine antigens.

Passive immunity

When immunity is developed because of antibodies present in another body its termed as passive immunity. It can come from mothers milk or by some artificial means like antivenom antibodies. It wont last for longer time as its not from our own body.

Natural immunity

When immunity is developed naturally by its own due to some infection, like bodies natural way to defend itself is termed as natural immunity. This also lasts for short time.

Artificial immunity

When we develop antibodies because of antigens present in vaccine or serum its termed as artificial immunity.

There is famous saying which goes like this “Health is wealth”, if you loose health then you loose everything in life because its very important to be healthy to lead a good life. Healthy body and healthy mind plays major role in our lives. So we can see how important it is to be healthy. To build healthy body we need to develop a strong immune system to fight foreign substances which interfere in normal functioning of our body and make us prone to diseases and infection.

Negativity also effects immune system ,it brings down our immune system, you need to have a positive outlook towards life as every cell in our body listens to everything the mind thinks and we feel. you need to be in relaxed state always as stress has also impact on your immune system.

Long term depression also weakens your immune system, so keeping our mind stress free is very important to obtain and maintain the natural immunity.

Food also plays role in boosting the immunity and enhancing your health. Foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants help us to maintain and improve immunity like foods that are deep blue, purple ,red, green or orange in color.

Lets see the 10 important things that help you to boost your immunity.

#1 Keep yourself hydrated

stay hydrated

Water is very important to make your body function normally as 70 % of our body is made up of water. You might have read or heard that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

But many people can find it difficult to drink so much of water in a day. So you can drink glass of warm water as soon as you wake up as your body is dehydrated while you are asleep.

Try avoiding caffeinated drinks and moderately drink alcohol as it weakens your immune system.

#2 Exercise


Exercise can help you strength your immune system as it builds your resistance to fight the infection.

It improves overall blood circulation in your body ,body functions well when blood circulation is good.

Each cell in your body does its job well when your active physically.

Atleast 30 minutes of walking in a day is good for your body. Mixture of cardio and strength training shows wonders and helps making you strong and fit.

#3 Avoid Stress


Stress can weaken your immune system as your entire energy is not getting utilized for proper functioning of your body. You need to keep yourself happy and stress free to strengthen your immune system.

You need to do things that make you happy like read ,paint ,listen music etc. depending on your personal interest.

Too much stress makes your body produce too much cortisol which is stress hormone. The rise in cortisol lowers resistance of body to infections and leads to high blood pressure and insomnia

You can meditate for at-least 10 minutes daily so that you channelize your thoughts. Do deep breathing which can relax your body and system. Meditation lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and helps you relieve from stress and anxiety.

#4 Probiotics


Probiotics helps you to boost your immunity. They are good bacteria present in your body that help to keep gut healthy.

Good bacteria helps to digest food, helps produce vitamins and destroy disease-causing cells. They are present in yogurt, fermented foods, dietary supplements, cottage cheese ,buttermilk ,banana, Jicama ,asparagus etc.

You can consume probiotics daily to boost your immunity and strength your immune system.

#5 Vitamin C

vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the proper functioning of immune system. It has various other benefits as well. Vitamin C is essential nutrient for healthy body.

Its naturally available in some fruits and vegetables, you can also take supplements of vitamin C which are available in market.

Orange, strawberries, spinach, red and green pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, lemon, papaya and many citrus fruits are rich content of vitamin C.

#6 Garlic


Garlic helps you to boost your immune system as it contains a compound called allicin. Its beneficial if you eat raw garlic, one-half of garlic clove daily. But if you find it difficult you can also roast and eat it.

#7 Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan)

Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan)

Harad is a herb which helps to increase the immunity It also sharpens the memory and intellect. This herb is difficult to chew or bite as its very hard.

If you consume only the powder of harad it will help to only clean the bowels but if you consume this with combination of other things depending upon the season then it helps to boost your immunity. It helps you fill with energy and vigor.

In every season you need to take it with different combination. During rainy season take 1 gm of harad powder, add one pinch of rock salt and pure ghee half tbsp. to bind it well. You can consume this with water ,followed by milk.

During Autumn take 1mg of harad powder, add 1 spoon of sugar(Stone sugar powder not refined sugar),then add half tbsp. ghee to bind this mixture, consume this with water, followed by milk.

During Pre-Winter take 1 mg of harad powder, add 500mg of dry ginger ,add half tbsp. of ghee to bind this and consume this with water, you can also drink milk after that.

#8 Golden milk

Golden milk

This milk with various combination of spices will help you boost your immunity. You can consume this daily to maintain your health instead of caffeinated drinks.

To prepare this drink, take 2 cups of milk in a vessel, grate 1 inch of ginger and add to it,1 tbsp. of coconut oil,3/4 tbsp. of turmeric powder ,half inch cinnamon,4 cloves ,add this all and whisk and mix it well.

Boil this well on low flame till golden color, add half tbsp crushed pepper. Cool it slightly and then add 1 tbsp of honey , sieve it and drink.

#9 Home Made Immunity Powder

Home Made Immunity Powder

To prepare this immunity powder you need to take the following ingredients .

6tbsp fennel seeds

3tbsp coriander seeds

3 tbsp. cumin seeds

2tbsp cardamom

8-10 cloves

1 tbsp. pepper

Roast these ingredients on low flame for 5 minutes to increase shelf life and also to increase taste.

Let it cool then grind in a mixer and make fine powder of it. Add 6 tbsp of turmeric powder to it and 1 tbsp of dry ginger powder, 1/4th tbsp. of cinnamon powder to this mixture. Mix this well with grinded powder.

This powder can last for a year if kept in air tight container. You can consume this daily in morning. Take half glass warm water and add 1 tbsp of this powder stir it and drink.

#10 Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet helps you to boost your immune system and makes you stay healthy. Consume rainbow of fruits and veggies daily so that you get required nutrients and vitamins.

Different color fruits and vegetables are rich source of antioxidants which protect you against oxidative stress which helps you to build stronger immune system.

Take a diet which completes daily requirements of protein, carbs and fats. Avoid processed foods, sugar and beverages.


Healthy and clean body is a body with strong immune system. Taking good care of yourself helps you to boost your immunity. Be hygienic ,detox your body atleast once a month. Stay happy and laugh aloud, sleep well and exercise daily. Keep positive attitude and stay healthy.

It can be challenging to follow all these things to do daily but still you can do as much as you can to boost your immunity.

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