We are localhealthacademy

A passion for creating health and wellbeing content was always on our minds. localhealthacademy was formed by a mum with a desire to spread the knowledge and a dad that supports that desire. Along the journey we are lucky to find people who share the same passion as ours.


Your health matters to us!! Your wellbeing does too!! local health academy team strives to get the best knowledge out there and make it available here for you when you need it the most. From general information to critical illness, from simple diet tips to hardcore workouts we got you covered.

We at local health academy are ambitious about our goals, we are proud of our feelings. We are here to stay and we are here to help!!



Reliable -  We want to share reliable information to you, information that you can trust and is verified and based on studies

Simple  -  We want to keep it simple, easy to understand


Share   -  We are here to share, expert and personal experience


Value   -   We value your feedback, we are here to improve and to stay as long as you can

​local health academy is not paid to do this, we work with what we have, its our passion not greed , but it costs us to operate, affiliate and ad links is our pay check, feel free to support us if you can!!